Assan Alüminyum is moving forward for the future with its leading R&D team in the sector. Aiming at creating added value with each product, always striving to be on the lead and pioneering. Adding power to its power in the production technology with its continuous development and innovation philosophy. Providing its services on a customer-sales-production focus, becoming capable of producing the new generation alloys which is thought to be “almost impossible” with the conventional methods and continuous casting technique.


The experience gained through the extended development activities with the leading companies of the world are presented in articles in the international congress and symposiums as well and is shared with the world. Thanks to its ability to produce prototype products before industrial-scale production in-line with the customer requirements, the R&D department provides important advantages by shortening the launching process of the product to the market. Thanks to the foregoing, Assan Aluminum has started taking place in the supplier lists of the world giants while the R&D department continues to add new ones to its achievements.


  • Using the unique characteristics imparted by the continuous casting technology to the materials at the highest level with a view to address at the performance expectations of the customers and developing the competitive advantage,
  • Designing the aluminum alloys for the continuous casting technique,
  • Developing the efforts spent jointly with the suppliers to further develop the equipment and auxiliaries used in the casting technology for increasing the product quality and efficiency.