Our Sustainability Commitment

Aluminum is a 100% and infinitely recyclable material by nature. Aluminium is a key product for protecting and sustaining our future. Aluminum is lightweight, impermeable, highly conductive, easy to shape and durable. Due to these superior properties, aluminum is a critical material for a more sustainable world and a circular economy.

Sustainability is one of the core values of Assan Alüminyum. Therefore all of the company’s processes are carried out in line with Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standards. ASI is the first and only sustainability certification covering the entire global aluminum value chain. It audits and certifies companies within the global sustainability framework and serves as a guide for development in this field. Assan Alüminyum has received the ASI Performance Standard Certificate for its production facilities and recycling facility. This certifies that it operates in accordance with global sustainability principles.

With its renewable energy production facility located in Manavgat, Assan Alüminyum produces clean energy at a rate equivalent to its annual electricity consumption. With the International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) it generates and purchases, it fully offsets all scope 2 emissions and therefore reduces the corporate carbon footprint. The energy efficiency projects, where new ones are developed every year, prevented emissions at an equivalent rate to the planting of about 2.5 million trees in the last 7 years.

Assan Alüminyum carries out many corporate social responsibility projects in both the environmental and social dimensions of sustainability. These projects aims to contribute to sustainability in many areas, from the conservation of biodiversity to gender equality, from afforestation to art and education.

For more detailed information about the sustainability strategies of Assan Alüminyum, please click on the following link: https://www.assanaluminyum.com/en/sustainability/our-sustainability-commitment