Haluk Kayabaşı

Born in Kayseri in 1957, Haluk Kayabaşı completed his undergraduate studies in 1980 at Marmara University in the Faculty of Business Administration.

Starting from 1981, he has taken up positions such as Imports Assistant Specialist, Imports Specialist, Imports Deputy Director, Imports Director, and Foreign Trade Director in the Imports Department of Assan Demir ve Sac Sanayi A.Ş. Having worked as the Foreign Trade Coordinator at Kibar Holding from 1998 onwards, Haluk Kayabaşı was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, and took up the position of Group Director of Metal in the holding starting from May 2012.

In addition to being a member of the Executive Board of Kibar Holding, he was appointed as the COO of Kibar Holding in April 2014. Haluk Kayabaşı, who served as the General Manager of Assan Alüminyum between 12.10.2015 and 19.07.2016, is serving as the CEO of Kibar Holding by with all of his other duties as of April 2018.